Friday, January 3, 2020

Monetary Wealth

One thing we are taught as Dudeists is that monetary wealth doesn't bring happiness, and that it shouldn't be a major goal of ours if we aren't motivated to do much. But that's only for those who are happy with what they already have. You can still be happy with what you got and still want monetary wealth.

I have always wanted to be rich and famous, because I've always wanted the attention, and I've always wanted to have enough for unexpected expenses so that I don't have to stay on government welfare. I could care less about new and shiny things. I just want to be able to travel and go on vacation to rest and relax.

If you are making money because it's what you love to do, then it's not totally un-Dude! It's actually the Dude thing to do if you make money because you love it!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

It's a Good World

You turn the news on, and what do you usually see? More than likely it's nothing but bad news. There may be the occasional good news, but bad news sells and receives higher ratings. If you keep people in fear, they will continue to watch your program, man!

But let me tell you something, dude! The world is still a good place, inspite of everything, in the immortal and famous words of Anna Frank. Most people are still good, and we see this through the care and love our friends and family give us, certain strangers even!

If you want to see the good in the world, try self-help tv/film programs, books, websites/blogs, etc! An example is Spirit Science! Or Steve Pavlina's blog, Personal Development for Smart People, and maybe his ex-wife Erin Pavlina's blog,! 

If you still want to watch the news, try your local TV station first. They tend to have a good mix, at least here in the United States. If the news isn't for you, then more power to you for not watching it. But remember, dude, the world is as fair or good as you make it, and it doesn't want saved, man.

God or Not?

One thing that tends to cross my mind is whether God is real, or yet what God would want from me. I tend to believe in Him, though not quite in an Abrahamic nor Hindi/Sanskrit way. I believe that God is real in the mind of believers and not real in the mind of non-believers.

How can God be real in some people, but not in others? Simple. When one is praying to or talking to God, the areas of the brain that deal with communication light up in the same way it does when an objective, concrete and real person communicates with you, a reputable scientific study noted.

Why would anyone choose to believe in God? What is in it for believers? Well, it's best to ask what is in it for God, because you are inviting Him into your own mind, and He has to be treated with respect, as He is very important and loves all of us who truly believe! 

God gives me a sense of relief, or of belonging. He is the warmth of the sun, the calmness of the moon, and the stars in our eyes. It's like I'm never alone, no matter how scared I may be, or how lonely I get. God listens to our prayers, and is eternally patient. He listens more than he talks, but we should remember to listen to Him too!

Dudeism itself is non-theist, but as stated on the Dudeism website, it's ok to believe in a higher power, man(even though God doesn't have to be make, as God can be female, or maybe both, or maybe even genderless, it's up to you).